Monday, 11 February 2013

Hair shave/cut suggested locations to see

This experience is shared by one of my friends.

went to naturals family saloon in salem just before 20 min... wow what a place i dono how i missed all these days.... went to en-quire about hair fall control shampoo.. saw a small girls bob cut and 2 college girls haircut .. didn't see full cut but that girls was saying she need front bangs and no need to alter back length.. and another girls mid back to short shoulder length cut she had lean hairs.....i just saw those scenes for only 5 min... but still in mind and a hub and wife instructing stylist about that cute little girls bob cut then they took her for nail polishing....after long time seeing cute teen girls in barber chair with caped and hair in cape....another shocking scene near those two girls young boy getting his haircut so decided hereafter will my haircut done in naturals saloon...... fetish guys its worth we can enjoy our haircut and we can see many girls haircut and money is also somewhat more that local barbershop but its worth..all we have to practice is we should control our ***** and fetish when we see girls haircut just 2 feet away.. otherwise will look bad in public... bought hairfall control shampoo for 600rs.... ((oorukellam hairfall ku mottai adi nu soldra ivane shampoo vanguranu pakutringala athu apapdi thaan ooruku thaan upadesam.....))

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